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Softmouse 3D Firmware Update

Important Firmware Update for Serial Numbers between 110941 and 111183

If you have one or more Softmouse 3D units with serial numbers between 110941 and 11183 inclusive, we recommend to download and update its firmware to improve the performance with certain mapping applications. Please complete the form to the right  to download our Firmware Update Tool. It includes instructions for its use.

Problems Fixed
Sluggish or jerky motion when panning in certain mapping applications. This update will make the 3D curssor and image motion much smoother.

Firmware 1.22 - Rel 08/10/2017
In addition to the above, we have released a new firmware update on 08/10/2017 that address an issue of "jumping" Z readings when you spin the Z wheel too fast. If you have noticed such problem in your unit please apply the firmware update. This update is cumulative in addition to the issue indicated above. This update is recommended for units with serial numbers between 111184 and 111294.

Problems Fixed
Jumping Z in 3D view when spinning the Z wheel too fast.

Do not apply this update if the serial number of your Softmouse 3D is not in the specified range. Units shipped with serial numbers 111295 and up already have the latest firmware revision.

Download The Firmware Update Tool

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